Each Day! German Airports Killing Thousands of Hours of Global Productivity

Berlin Airport: Why is the 3G coverage at SXF so poor, there is no free Wifi, or any wifi for that matter that reacts. Hotspot-SXF is unreachable, and there are no power outlets in the waiting area? For the majority of us normal traveling business people who do NOT have VIP Lounge access, this is extremely frustrating. Especially when you have a plane that is delayed 1 hour. Could you please reconsider your policies? With new technology like WLAN extender from devolo (http://www.devolo.de/consumer/106_dlan-500-wifi_starter-kit_produktvorstellung_1.html?l=de) you should be able to provide internet in every corner of the airport at a really low cost. You should ask your service provider. Or are they intentionally restricting 3G to force people to pay for WIFI? Please reconsider. You are killing hundreds if not thousands of hours of global productivity each day. Wouldn’t it be HUGE if you suddenly opened up the internet to everyone? Why can Estonia or the Ukraine do it? and you cannot? You would instantly become one of the most liked airports in Germany at such a low cost. (no, I do not work for devolo.)

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Delicious Tomato Gazpacho with Watermelon

(This blog entry was created using only the WordPress iPhone App! Just to see if it was possible and user-friendly. And it is!)

August is my month. I was born in August. Fresh tomatoes, blueberries, corn on the cob, sun and wind are all native to August and some of my most innate priorities. And Gazpacho!

So I have been experimenting with Gazpacho recipes and discovered this super simple, super delicious, super fresh and super beautifully presented recipe by nom nom paleo. I was immediately seduced by the clean and minimal images, and user-friendly presentation.
Inspired by the results of my first attempts, I decided to pay nom nom tribute and create my own entry about creating my version of that recipe.

I used:

1kg regional Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes from Brandenburg, peeled
1 cucumber
1.5 local heirloom bell peppers (purple, red)
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
2 golfball sized white onions
1 teaspoon salt
10 grinds of blackpepper
1 bunch of fresh cilantro without roots (german=koriander)
3 cups watermelon

Prep time: ca. 30min
Clean-up time: 10min
Yields about 2.5 litres. We store them best in our fridge in cleaned out litre glass riesling bottles.

I tried to follow the recipe, but made a few adjustments,
as I had no sherry vinegar, so used white wine vinegar instead. I also substituted white onions for the shallots.

The whole process takes about 30min. Peeling the tomatoes is easy, but takes the most time. The rest is simply cutting and blending. This time around I blended at Speed 2 (my AEG Blender has only 3 speeds) resulting in a more finely liquidy consistency, which seemed to please the eaters, though I prefer a more chunky consistency.
I am not sure why the watermelon is added at the end, or if it even makes a difference when it is added. Perhaps someone with more culinary experience can answer that question.

ACHTUNG: The first time I made this, I was a little surprised at the less-appetizing, light brownish, milky, frothy color. Until I realized the colors of the heirloom tomatoes, purple, yellow, yellow/green, red/white striped, red, give it more of a brownish tint. The watermelon helps add more red.

I made it 5 hours before eating. Chilled for 2 hours in fridge. Served at room temperature on a 25 Degree Celcius evening, with cilantro garnish, fresh slices of baguette, the result is a light, tomatoey sweetish, but rich flavor explosion. And super healthy! Add a few pumps of tabasco and more salt if you prefer the spicy edge.











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Testing iPhone App


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Netflix Controlled by Pragmatic Chaos!

It has been a few months since I was truly inspired and shocked by something to the degree that I was moved to publish it here, but this 15min presentation by Kevin Slavin from July this year strikes awe and fear in my comprehension of the world around me. Working in the tech/IT sector since 1998, I consider myself rather tech-savvy compared to most of my friends and family, but when I saw this my mind spontaneously conjured up visions from Terminator. We are no longer in control, the algorithms are.

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Lufthansa Responds

This is long overdue.

Lufthansa deserves praise and I must apologize to them for delaying this post by nearly 4 months. 2 Days after the previous post on May 11, I received a call from a Senior Customer Care manager in the Frankfurt Headquarters, offering to reimburse me for the Unaccompanied Minor fees. They did not reimburse me for the time and energy I invested to get their attention for their mistakes, and perhaps it was simply to put the hatchet to rest, but nevertheless, I believe they clearly recognized the effect Social Media was having on their brand awareness and finally took action.

Thank you Lufthansa!

I can only hope that this experience was beneficial and educational to Lufthansa Customer Care, to Lufthansa as a company, and to Lufthansa customers around the world.

My lesson from this, is that it is not the Lufthansa Customer Service representatives but rather the Customer Service policy and those that design it that are creating this inefficiency and massive cost producing machine, that they are not keeping pace with the changing customer-driven communication now effecting their brand. It is glaringly obvious that there is a severe disconnect between the Lufthansa Social Media Department, the Brand Managers, and the archaic Lufthansa Customer Care Department.

Certainly it is not easy for a company with 117,000 employees to align these three departments so quickly, Customer Service, Brand Management, Social Media, but this excersize demonstrates to me that they are on the right track!

And they managed to convert me back into a happy customer.


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Day 2: The Craziness Continues: Lufthansa / United /StarAlliance FAIL: Customer Continues to Pay, and Pay

For those almost 1000 visitors to my initial blog post early this morning, the over 40 Facebook Like’ers to my facebook post on the Lufthansa Facebook Page, here a brief update:

I just checked my private e-mail account (now that I am home from work) and see that Lufthansa wrote to me 3:47pm today. The Mail is titled: “Confirmation of Waiting List” (in German). There is no explanation for the mail. It does not say who the mail is from, or why it was sent. There is a PDF attached showing two flights, the original one that was booked (using the partner United Airlines),  and now a second one that appears to be a Lufthansa owned machine. However, at the top, it says :

“Sie verfügen nun über eine bestätigte Buchung ohne Warteliste. Bitte lassen Sie Ihr Ticket bis zum 09. Mai ausstellen.”

Translated this means: “You now have a confirmed reservation without a waiting list. Please have your ticket “released” or printed by May 9th.”


And again. No explanation. But I am invited to call the cost-based number again!!! So Lufthansa can earn more money while I am put on hold and the minutes go by and my telephone bill goes up.

Am I missing something here? Antonia on Facebook said they would contact me. Is this contacting me? Writing an e-mail with no explanation forcing me to call their cost-based number!!!! This circus has no end. Here the mail and the PDF. And again, there is no confirmation of any Unaccompanied Minor service.

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